Even if a vehicle is immaculately spotless, it will still have a dirty appearance if the tail lights are dirty. It might seem like an easy fix to quickly clean the tail lights, but oftentimes the dirt and grime is on the inside of the tail lights, making it much more difficult to clean.

You may wonder how tail lights get dirty on the inside in the first place, but it is actually quite simple. Condensation sits on your tail lights on a regular basis, and it will find its way inside your tail lights over time. Once this condensation sits inside your tail lights for an extended period of time, it eventually becomes a thick and grimy substance that can make your tail lights look very dirty. This obnoxious problem is relatively easy to fix, when brought to the proper automotive shop.

First, we must remove your tail lights. While you have them off, you might as well give them a very thorough cleansing on the inside and out, using a degreaser to get rid of any caked-on grime. After your tail lights are completely clean on all sides, we will want to wipe them completely dry with a cloth or a paper towel before putting them back on. This step is very important because the condensation that had leaked into your tail light was the cause of the dirtiness in the first place.

If we are pleased with your tail lights at this point, we are done as soon as we secure them to your vehicle. After a thorough cleaning, your tail lights should remain clean for quite some time. If they do get dirty again, all you have to do is simply remove the tail lights and wash them in order to give your vehicle an instantly cleaner appearance.

For those who do not want to clean their tail lights often, there is another solution. There are ways that you can attempt to prevent condensation from getting into your tail lights at all. Although it might not seem like a good idea, many car owners use teflon tape, commonly known as plumber’s tape, to make a seal that protects their tail lights from this moisture. You will possibly need a second layer of teflon tape for it to be effective, but be careful about how you do this so that you do not give your vehicle a negative appearance.

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