In 2014 we brought you the new shop. It would be cleaner, larger and be equipped with the massive infrastructure needed to give you the most accurate diagnostics, fastest service and highest quality repairs possible – not to mention more parking!

We wanted to give you a pleasant experience when you entered our shop and a feeling of satisfaction when you left with your car fixed up like it deserves.  2014 was a great year and generated thousands of satisfied customers.

However, at Gili’s Automotive we’re always innovating, always improving and always looking to find ways to make our customers happier. With that endeaver in mind we are proud to start 2015 with a brand new website to match the quality and ease you experience at the shop.

The New Web Site

It was important for our customers to be able to access our site on the go and spot the information they need quickly and fluidly. We hope we have achieved this in our newest site.

new gili's automotive repair site

Some features include:

  • A clean new look where all the information you need is at your fingertips – Our address, phone number, store hours and more!
  • Easy navigation to learn more about our services
  • Mobile responsive design to navigate the site on any device
  • Short contact forms for scheduling appointments or asking advice
  • Dynamics information for directions and calling

Of course this site will continue to develop with your feedback. If there is anything missing on the site that you would like to see, feel free to send us the feedback using our new contact forms!

2015 is shaping out to be another great year!