There is nothing like driving around town in a clean, pristine vehicle. It sparkles and shines with brilliant perfection. It is common, however, for vehicles to get dented and dinged with regular use. These imperfections can detract from your enjoyment of using the car, decrease the value of the car and result in costly repairs. The majority of these dents and dings come from other drivers in parking lots. Since you are not directly responsible for these dents, you may believe there is little you can do to prevent them. However, by following a few key steps, you can enjoy dent free parking with your vehicle.

The Ideal Parking Spot

As you drive through parking lots in search of a spot; your first impulse may be to find the closest spot to the front door. However, the difference between the closest spot available and the safest spot for your car may only be a dozen or a few dozen feet. By choosing to look for an ideal spot and perhaps walk a little farther, you can safeguard your car. Consider driving through the parking lot to look for a spot that allows plenty of room between other cars. You may park in a spot that is removed from other cars. In a busier parking lot, look for a spot that is against the end of a row, a wall or some other barrier to minimize the risk that your car will be hit by another driver. Further, consider that if the question of whether your car is too large for the space enters your mind, you should likely trust that instinct rather than try to force the vehicle into the space. Leaving plenty of space between your parking lot neighbors can help to prevent dents and dings.

Parking Lot Neighbors 

While choosing the right space in the parking lot is critical, another factor you should consider are the cars you park against. Drivers of cars in pristine condition often make an effort to keep their cars in excellent condition, and they may take considerable care not to touch your own car with their door when getting in and out of their vehicle. Drivers of vehicles that are older or that have already been dinged and damaged may be less concerned with the condition of their own vehicle, and they may be more likely to ding yours as they open their door.

Dents and dings will happen, and there is no guarantee that you will enjoy dent free parking every time you park your car. However, by taking these steps, you will help to prevent many of these blemishes on your car.

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