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Power Steering Flush & Fluid Change – Maximize the life expectancy of your power steering components!

Why Perform a Power Steering Flush?

Over time and extended exposure to heat, power steering fluid will turn dark and start to break down. This can cause the power steering pump and the rack-and-pinion to clog with sludge and varnish deposits. As varnish deposits build, your car may suffer stiffness, leaks, or complete system failures. Repairing or replacing power steering components can be extremely expensive. A power steering flush service will:

  • Safely remove varnish and/or sludge deposits.
  • Clean all internal power steering components.
  • Remove metals that can corrode your power steering components.
  • Thoroughly clean and protect your car’s power steering with fresh power steering fluid and conditioners.
  • Revitalize the seals and 0-rings in your power steering system.

Power Steering Flush & Fluid Change at Gili’s Automotive

At Gili’s Automotive in Rockville, MD, we look after your vehicle and provide it with the proper maintenance your car needs to maximize its lifespan and lower your costs. Over a decade of service we have performed thousands of power steering flushes for our clients.

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