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BMW Service & Repair in Rockville

At Gili’s Automotive in Rockville, MD, we are experts in BMW repair and can service your vehicle quickly and efficiently. As an independent BMW repair shop & service center we are able to reduce added costs and time that you find when taking your car to a dealer. While at the same time, we use certified BMW software for diagnosing and programming, so you know you will get your vehicle diagnosed correctly.

Our BMW repair services include:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you use any special BMW software/adapters for diagnosis & repairs?

Yes. We use BMW GT1 , OPPS and ICOM diagnostic systems allowing as to diagnose and perform programming on any system for any BMW and MINI car.

2. Do you use original BMW parts for repairs? 
We have access to BMW original parts and aftermarket parts.  We also have access to original parts in the aftermarket box. This provides the highest savings to our customers as we are able to buy BMW parts directly from the parts manufacture.

3. Am I covered on the BMW full maintenance warranty?

If you have a BMW maintenance service contract, you are covered under the BMW full maintenance warranty and should have repairs done directly with your BMW dealership.  Additionally, if there is a recall or if the car is under factory warranty you need to have your BMW repairs done by the dealership in order to receive your warranty payment.

However, if a customer has a factory warranty and NO service contract, we at Gili’s Automotive can perform all maintenance and service repairs and the warranty will be valid as we are a licensed repair facility who employ ASE certified technicians.

3. The BMW “full maintenance warranty” limits free oil services to 1 per year or when the service indicator tells you – this averages around 12-16k miles. Is this within recommended limits or should one change their oil more often and why?

We recommend oil to be changed every 7,500 miles or twice a year.  The reason for this is that most of our customers are out of the Rockville, MD area and driving in metropolitan DC, MD or VA subjects their car to a lot of stop and go traffic. Additionally, our customers general power their vehicles with the local 10 ethanol fuel. The combination of these 2 factors with extreme weather will cause oil to deteriorate more quickly and lead to a shorter engine life.

4. Since 1993, BMW has been sealing automatic transmissions and recommending “no servicing for the life of the transmission”. Is this recommended?
We recommend checking the transmission fluid every 60,000 miles and flushing as needed. No transmission fluid lasts a lifetime. We see lots of failure at 100,000 miles due to lack of oil changes. At this point the transmission is out of warranty and the cost of replacement is so great that customer often can’t believe that BMW doesn’t recommend replacement of fluid.

5. What kind of fluids (brake, power steering, coolant) do you recommend using for BMWs and how often should each be replaced?

  • BMW Brake Fluid – We recommend using DOT 4. Replacement should be every 2 years and evaluated every brake service.
  • BMW Power Steering Fluid – We recommend using ATF or mineral oil. You should check your BMW every service for fluid level and its condition. ATF power steering fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles and 50,000 miles for mineral oil.
  • BMW Coolant Fluid – We recommend using Long Life Blue.  Coolant should be checked on your BMW every 30,000 miles and replaced every 5 years.

6. What other BMW maintenance tips do you recommend?

We highly recommend using a euro grade synthetic oil when changing oil and to do so with a quality oil filter.  We also recommend a carbon cleaning service on a regular basis.  Lastly, make sure that your oil service reminder be reset each time at the time of service.