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2015 Consumer Reports Study: You’ll Be Happier With an Independent Repair Shop!

Car Repair Dealer vs Independent This past week, a new survey by Consumer Reports reported that auto vehicle owners are better off going to an independent repair shop rather than the dealership. The report was compiled from the results of an annual survey conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center in 2014. Thousands of auto repair customers were surveyed […]

Introducing the New Gili’s Automotive Website!

In 2014 we brought you the new shop. It would be cleaner, larger and be equipped with the massive infrastructure needed to give you the most accurate diagnostics, fastest service and highest quality repairs possible – not to mention more parking! We wanted to give you a pleasant experience when you entered our shop and a feeling of satisfaction when you left […]

Why Maintain? Auto Maintenance & Repair Costs

It’s Cheaper to Maintain Than to Fix At Gili’s Automotive, we recommend a regular vehicle maintenance program for each of our customers. We believe that through careful and consistent attention to your car’s history and performance, you will find it is cheaper to maintain than to fix your vehicle. Below you will find our recommendations […]

Car Maintenance & Service Checklist

Your car is a sophisticated machine with complex systems that interact and depend on each other… much like your physical body. Just as you need a balanced diet, regular exercise, and check-ups from your health care provider to stay in good physical health, your car needs regular attention and maintenance to extend its life and to […]

Auto Tech: Parking Assistance

Parking is one of the most challenging driving tasks for most drivers. It’s inevitable – you park your car every time you use it. Because of these two facts, most accidents causing minor damage to car exteriors happen while parking cars, whether it be parallel, in a lot, or in a garage. The prime difficulty […]

Car Fun Facts

Did You Know? The first cars did not have steering wheels. Drivers steered with a lever. The first speeding ticket was issued in 1902. In 1916, 55% of the cars in the world were Model T Fords, a record that has never been beaten. The first gas gauge appeared in cars in 1922. In 1923, […]

Do Cars Still Have Carburetors?

Fuel injection systems have changed significantly in the 100 years since cars started becoming regularly seen on the world’s roads, and carburetors were one of the first fuel systems to be used, lasting well into the twentieth century. The level of refinement that these mechanical fuel injection systems underwent in the 80+ years that they […]

What Does It Mean When the Water Temperature is Too High?

When the water temperature or heat of a car gets too high, the engine can stop functioning properly and serious, permanent damage can be done to it. To avoid this from happening, a proper water temperature must be maintained at all times under every type of driving condition. Cars can be either water-cooled or air-cooled. But […]

Checking Refrigerant and Air Conditioning

One of the most common complaints that vehicle owners have about their car’s air conditioner is that it is not properly cooling the interior of their vehicle. On exceptionally warm days, it may take a well-functioning air conditioner a few minutes to circulate cool air into the cabin of your vehicle. However, you may have […]

Are Snow Tires Necessary?

Snow tires are comprised of rubber compounds that are softer then an average tire, allowing the tire to conform to the roads surface while retaining its flexibility in the cold. The rubber compounds found in the average tire often become hard and brittle in cold temperatures requiring tire repairs by the end of the season. The […]

Dent Free Parking

There is nothing like driving around town in a clean, pristine vehicle. It sparkles and shines with brilliant perfection. It is common, however, for vehicles to get dented and dinged with regular use. These imperfections can detract from your enjoyment of using the car, decrease the value of the car and result in costly repairs. […]

The Benefits Of Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is essential to the life of your tires. However, having tires rotated at regularly scheduled intervals has many other benefits car owners may fail to consider. While it is possible for car owners to perform this task themselves, experts recommend having tires rotated by an experienced mechanic for maximum benefits. Regular tire rotation will […]

Keeping Your Auto Repair Workspace Clean And Organized

Working on a car can create a mess. The tools and time that are required will quickly result in disorganized piles. This could cause problems over time like lost or damage items. There are a few basic tips that anyone can use to help keep a workspace clean when repairing a car. Following good workplace […]

How Long Does it Take to Build a Car?

One of the most important and fascinating icons of civilization is the car. Did you ever wonder how long it takes to build one?  The car is just like another other useful, mechanical object, just much larger than most. The time it takes to build a car depends on a lot of factors, such as […]

Keeping Tail Lights Clean on the Inside

Even if a vehicle is immaculately spotless, it will still have a dirty appearance if the tail lights are dirty. It might seem like an easy fix to quickly clean the tail lights, but oftentimes the dirt and grime is on the inside of the tail lights, making it much more difficult to clean. You may […]

What does the V stand for in V6?

Many car manufacturers and mechanics talk about V6 engines and their pros/cons. The engines are installed in millions of cars and are known to be weaker than the common V8 engine. However, V6 engines are not the weakest engines available in cars and can actually provide vehicles with impressive power. The V in the term […]

Can Water be Used Instead of Windshield Washer Fluid?

Formulated to remove grime and bugs, windshield washer fluid is a mixture of solvent, detergent and antifreeze agents. Used in conjunction with a pump and windshield wipers, washer fluid can be sprayed onto the windshield when the vehicle is in motion or stationary. Sold in various formulas, all washer fluids have some type of antifreeze agent, […]

Wheel Alignment: Toe In vs. Toe Out

The tires that are on an automobile are actually attached to the vehicle with a complex network of suspension components that keep the wheels facing the correct direction. The general direction of the tires when measured in relation to the body of the car is known as the wheel alignment. Many different factors can change the […]