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Do Cars Still Have Carburetors?

Fuel injection systems have changed significantly in the 100 years since cars started becoming regularly seen on the world’s roads, and carburetors were one of the first fuel systems to be used, lasting well into the twentieth century. The level of refinement that these mechanical fuel injection systems underwent in the 80+ years that they […]

What Does It Mean When the Water Temperature is Too High?

When the water temperature or heat of a car gets too high, the engine can stop functioning properly and serious, permanent damage can be done to it. To avoid this from happening, a proper water temperature must be maintained at all times under every type of driving condition. Cars can be either water-cooled or air-cooled. But […]

Checking Refrigerant and Air Conditioning

One of the most common complaints that vehicle owners have about their car’s air conditioner is that it is not properly cooling the interior of their vehicle. On exceptionally warm days, it may take a well-functioning air conditioner a few minutes to circulate cool air into the cabin of your vehicle. However, you may have […]

Are Snow Tires Necessary?

Snow tires are comprised of rubber compounds that are softer then an average tire, allowing the tire to conform to the roads surface while retaining its flexibility in the cold. The rubber compounds found in the average tire often become hard and brittle in cold temperatures requiring tire repairs by the end of the season. The […]