Why Maintain you car with Gili's Automotive Repair in Rockville, MD (ASE Certified)

Why Maintain?

It's cheaper to maintain than to fix.
Your car is a sophisticated machine with complex systems that interact and depend on each other... much like your physical body. Just as you need a balanced diet, regular exercise, and check-ups from your health care provider to stay in good physical health, your car needs regular attention and maintenance to extend its life and to keep running at its peak.


Maintenance Cost Savings Over a Vehicle's Lifetime
Component Service Cost Repair/Replacement Cost
Engine $900
30 oil changes over 100,00 miles
Engine replacement at 100,000 miles
Transmission $664
4 transmission services over 120,00 miles
Transmission replacement at 120,000 miles
Cooling system and radiator $504
4 coolant flushes over 120,00 miles
Radiator and water pump replacement at 120,000 miles
Power steering $464
4 power steering flushes over 120,00 miles
Rack and pinion with power steering and pump replacement at 120,000 miles
Brakes $267
3 brake flush services over 90,00 miles
Master cylinder and ABS replacement at 90,000 miles
Total Potential Cost $2,799 $10,715
Total Potential Savings of Regular Maintenance $7,916
Savings to your peace of mind.... PRICELESS
People are Saying...

"Even after factoring in costs for repair, maintenance, and other fees, [buying a used car or keeping up on old one] resulted in significant savings for vehicle owners. Citing figures from Runzheimer International, Motor Age reported that after paying off their vehicles, consumers could save almost $2,500 a year by trading them in every eight years, as opposed to doing so every four years."